Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program is a dynamic and exciting leadership development experience where you have the opportunity to weave together leadership offerings in order to create for yourself a comprehensive leadership development path!

UNH is one of just a handful of colleges/universities to offer a Leadership Certificate Program, and it looks extremely impressive on a resume or job application! Don’t miss this chance to distinguish your college experience from the rest!

The Leadership Certificate Program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at UNH, and you can enroll at any time!

Benefits of the Leadership Certificate Program:

  • The ongoing assistance of a Leadership Coach (a professional faculty or staff member at UNH)
  • The creation of an electronic Leadership Portfolio, where you log all of your involvements during your time at UNH, which is very impressive to future employers, graduate schools, etc.
  • The support of a new group of friends you will make within the Certificate Program
  • A flexible structure that works with your class schedule
  • The opportunity to develop your leadership skills at a level that exceeds other students
  • An invitation to be recognized at the Leadership Dessert Reception that takes place each May

Leadership Certificate Program Requirements here

To enroll in the Leadership Certificate Program, please set up an orientation meeting with the Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership at 603-862-0303 or email nate.hastings@unh.edu.