Scheduling / Pay Information


During the school year, the MUB is at early as 7am and as late as midnight. Every department has different operating hours and different standard shifts. The process of scheduling and the time or length of shifts varies greatly by department and may include employees taking an even share of late night, early morning or weekend shifts.  

During the interview process, you will be asked information about how many hours you are interested in working, and some departments may have specific shift openings that they need to fill and are hiring for specifically.

MUB Employees are not required to work a specific number of hours. All employees are encouraged to find the balance that is right for them and allows them to focus appropriately on academics. It is understood that schedules and a student’s desire for more or less hours is likely to change every semester.

Curtailed Operation Scheduling

Occasionally the University will "curtail operations" usually during inclement weather. During curtailed operations, the MUB remains open and maintains all operations as normally as possible (meetings continue, movies run, the mail room and games room are open etc.). Individual MUB areas may handle arrangements with their employees differently, but student employees should understand that they will be expected to work if they live on campus or in walking distance and can get in to work safely.

Pay Information

Pay Rates
Student Employees are paid an hourly rate that varies based on their department, their job position, and the number of years they have worked for the Memorial Union Building.

Pay Checks
Pay periods run for two weeks, beginning on a Saturday and ending on a Friday. Paychecks are issued/deposited on Fridays, every other week.

Time Sheets
Student employees are required to enter their hours worked into the WISE Payroll System. Students are required to “submit” their completed payroll no later than the Monday morning following the end of the two week pay period. On Monday, the department supervisor is required to approve the submission in order to authorize the student to be paid. The due date for payroll submission can sometime change bases on holiday schedules.

Work Study Funds
Work study funds are not a requirement of MUB employment and Work study funds do not change a student’s hourly rate. The pay rates listed above still apply. If a student employee has work study funds, they are required to notify their supervisor at the start of each new semester. The employee will have a (WS) job code in the WISE payroll system that indicates they have work study funds. All hours worked should be entered into that job code as long as there are funds available. If a student exceeds their work study funds, they will be notified and then hours worked will be entered into a non WS job code. The unavailability of work study funds does not mean that an employee is terminated. Employment continues as usual.

It is very rare that a student employee would work more than 40 hours per week (Saturday to Friday). A supervisor would have to give approval for an employee to exceed 40 hours per week. By law, any hours worked over 40/wk are subject to payment at 1.5x the standard rate.