Professional Development / Training

Because the MUB is committed to helping students maximize their personal and professional growth, there are requirements for both building and departmental training and for professional development session participation.

Student employees are paid to attend department meetings, training and professional development sessions.Time should be entered into the WISE payroll system.

2013 Fall Training Balloon Castle Departmental Training
The requirements for departmental training vary by department. Employees may be asked to return to campus earlier than the public move-in dates in order to participate in departmental trainings. Your hiring supervisor should discuss training requirements at the time you are hired.

Fall All-Staff Training
All-staff training is done with the entire MUB staff, generally on the Sunday afternoon of fall “move-in” weekend. This training involves some larger team building and more broad building orientation topics and allows for staff to get to know one another across different departments.

January All-Staff Training
Similar to Fall, an all-staff training is scheduled at the start of the Spring semester. This will generally take place on the Sunday of the weekend students’ return to campus for Spring semester.

FISH Customer Service Training
FISH customer service training is required of all new employees during the first semester of their employment with the MUB. Multiple opportunities are scheduled each semester and the schedule is available at the beginning of each semester.

Professional Development
Every student employee is required to attend one professional development topical session each semester. These are great opportunities to explore topics of interest that can benefit your job here in the MUB or broaden your set of “life skills.” Topics include everything from customer service, to cultural awareness, to financial planning. There are multiple opportunities scheduled at all times of the day through the course of the semester. The schedule is posted at the beginning of the semester.

Departmental Meetings
Individual departments will have various requirements for attending departmental meetings. Your hiring supervisor should discuss the requirements with you at the time you are hired.

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