MUB Employment - Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for a job at the MUB?
To be eligible to apply for student employment positions at the MUB, you must be a currently enrolled, full-time or part-time degree seeking student (graduate or undergraduate) on the Durham campus.
Who can I call to check on my application?
The MUB receives hundreds of applications annually. It is not practical for us to be able to respond to all applicants. If a department head is interested in interviewing you for a position, you will be contacted by email or phone.
Applicatons are kept on file for a period of time defined in our employment application policies, after which time, applicants should reapply if they are still interested in MUB employment.
Are there any open positions?
Most hiring takes place in the spring for fall employment. Almost every department hires some new employees in the spring. The number of openings will vary greatly by department and year. The largest department is the Mail Room and they may hire 10-15 people each spring. Other departments may have anywhere from 1-8 openings. Again, it varies greatly. Fall and mid-year employment openings are less frequent.
How many students work in the MUB?
The MUB usually has between 100 and 120 employees.
How much do you get paid?
Please see our employee wage schedule for information.
Do I need to have previous job experience to get a job at the MUB?
It helps, but is not required. Volunteer experiences and internships can be put on your application in addition to or in lieu of traditional jobs. If you have not previously had a job, it’s important that in your application you express the experiences and skills you have that you feel would make you a strong candidate for employment.
Does it matter what year you are?  /  Do you hire first year students?
Yes and no. We look at all applications for the quality of the applicant. That said, there is a lot of training that goes in to many of our positions and departments need to maintain diversity within the staff so that they don’t have an entire staff graduating at once. Since most of our hiring takes place in the spring, it is unusual that we would have a first semester, first year student on staff. First year students who have submitted applications would get the same consideration as any other applicant if departments look to hire at the start of the fall or spring semesters.
How many hours do I have to work?
MUB Employees are not required to work a specific number of hours. All employees are encouraged to find the balance that is right for them and allows them to focus appropriately on academics. This can change every semester. The process of scheduling and the time or length of shifts varies greatly by department and may include employees taking an even share of late night, early morning or weekend shifts.  
Can I work in more than one MUB department?
Yes! Most students are hired to work in one department and employment in a second department may happen because a student expresses an interest in transferring, or an odd shift opening comes up that can be more easily filled by bringing in an existing employee from another department, rather than hiring someone for a single weekly shift.
What if I want to do a semester abroad? Will I be able to keep my job?
Yes! MUB student employees are able to leave for a semester and return to their position after a semester abroad. It is very important that this information is shared with your supervisor as early as possible as it will affect the way they plan hiring and staffing.
Do I need to have Work Study money?
Work study funds are not a requirement to be hired at the MUB.
Will I lose my job if my Work Study money runs out?
Students with work study funds retain their employment when funds run out. A lack of work study funds does not mean that an employee gets terminated.